Battery Tripping Units

Battery Tripping units

All of our battery tripping units are built in house with both off the shelf models and bespoke units, each to suit your requirements. Our Battery tripping units have a standard range, we build 30v, 50v, 110v and 240v units, Bespoke BTU’s can be designed and built to suit your requirements. Our basic model starts at 5ah with voltmeter and supply light with test button right the way through to complex units with 30ah and as many weird and wonderful gadgets you require.

Our standard product range Below.

ah range - 5ah to 30ah
Voltage Range - 24 to 240v
Output amps - 2a through to 63a

Out with the old and in with the new.

Most old batteries contain lead acid, as we are regulated with the environment agency with not only have the facility to dispose of you’re old batteries in a safe and compliant way, we can supply you replacement batteries at the same time with minimal downtime.

Our Product Range


240v Input
30v Output
No standing charge
Voltmeter & charge button


240v Input
30v & 110v Output
1amp standing charge
Voltmeter & ammeter
Test buttons
Mains charger light


8Ah – 24Ah
1amp standing charge
Voltmeter & ammeter
Test buttons
Mains charger light


Bespoke range – built to order
Contact us with your requirements


Replacement batteries
Replacement Buttons
Replacement Voltage / Amp meters
Replacement Lights
Replacement Enclosures

Need Something Temporary?

Why not hire....

Although we manufacture our battery trip units in house and have a wide selection on the shelf ready to go, sometimes you either need 1 faster than we can manufacture one or you may need a unit just for a short period this is why we keep a wide selection of BTU’s as a hire fleet that can be delivered to site both same day or next day.