Supply New Transformers

NKD Group can supply new transformers, standard distribution units, bespoke voltages, vectors from 50 kVA up to 50MVA units with voltages all the way up to 145kV.

We can now additionally supply amorphous core units from 100kVA up to 2500kVA with voltages to suit your requirements.

With cast resin transformers growing ever more popular, we also have the ability to supply from just a few kVA right up to 30MVA units with or without enclosures all the way up to 50kV units.

New oil transformer MV 11kV 415v Tier 1 and Tier 2

Supply New Air Circuit Breakers

Schneider, ABB, Siemens, we have the supply chain to supply you brand new off circuit breakers and all the associated spare parts to enhance / maintain your existing switchgear.

With the ever developing technology be assured that we can locate the right product for your project. Working with the manufacturer we can build a bespoke breaker if / when required that can suit the weird and wonderful world of electrical engineering.

Additionally if a unit has failed and out of warranty we can provide new parts where available or source old parts from the wealth of LV circuit breakers we have on the shelf.

Bespoke LV panel projects are also undertaken each week using both new and reconditioned LV breakers.

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HV & LV Retrofits

Not all equipment can be repaired for what ever reason circuit breaker may be obsolete, parts may be hard to get so we work closely with teams across the country in order to develop as many retrofits as possible.

We have the ability to retrofit many, many Oil Circuit breakers (OCB’s) This could be adapting your existing breaker or redesigning a brand new replacement breaker reducing down time and using modern technology increasing safety with remote tripping on as many units as possible.

LV retrofits are a large proportion of the works we do, sometimes the like for like replacement breaker just isn’t available and generally you cannot fit an alternative directly into the panel, however with a little bit of design and hard work we can adjust your existing board to adapt to the most suitable available breaker.

This can be retrofitted with new or one of our many reconditioned off the shelf Air Circuit Breakers (ACB’s).