Transformer Oil Sampling

Testing your transformer on a regular basis not only can extend the life of the transformer but also tells you a lot of information about it.

We offer a wide range of transformer oil sampling tests such as:

Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) Analysis – PCB’s were heavily used in the 1970’s in order to increase the oil supply due to low availability and high demand, due to the toxicity of PCB’s it is now a legal requirement to know the PCB levels of your transformer.

Routine Sampling – Knowing the condition of your transformer is important of your expensive transformer, this is a cost effective way to know the overall health of your transformer.

Water Sampling – Water and electricity do not mix, knowing how much water is circulating around your transformer is crucial in the longevity of your transformer.

Dissolved Gas Analysis – Dissolved gas analysis is one of the most extensive tests available on transformer oil. This covers a multitude of individual test all presented on one easy to follow test sheet. This test includes : Acidity, Water Content, Electrical Strength, Colour, Appearance, Odour, Sediment, Fibres – All crucial elements in knowing what is happening inside your unit.

Each of these tests can be carried out easily by our staff or alternatively you can send us your own sample and we will carry out the test for you.

Should you have any oil sampling requirements please get in touch!